our values



Our clients’ best interest
will come first – always

MAG CAP was founded with a fundamental belief that the best way to grow a business practice is by growing the trust we have with our clients. In a world filled with advisers who push high commission products, MAG CAP is committed to listening and only providing investment solutions that match our clients’ needs. 

Integrity also involves doing the right thing for the community. At MAG CAP, we believe in investing in our clients by reinvesting in our community. We aim to work with locally-owned and operated businesses and actively mentor and support local entrepreneurs.  


We strive for excellence
in everything we do

The founders of MAG CAP collectively have a powerful combination of expertise across investment analysis, portfolio theory, risk management, technology, law and accounting, having worked at many of the world’s largest and most respected financial services firms. MAG CAP will harness this collective expertise and “import” these best practices home for the benefit of its clients. 

MAG CAP’s founders believe that Mississippi produces talent that is on par with any other state or region. We aim to match this talent with opportunity and an unparalleled standard of excellence with a goal of extracting the maximum potential of our region. 


We will always be honest,
even when that is difficult

Transparency builds trust. And trust builds confidence to make good investment decisions that can that can help achieve our clients’ financial and life goals.

In a world where the speed of change is ever-increasing, transparent and timely communication is paramount. At MAG CAP, we embrace change and seek to continually innovate our business to capture investment opportunities that will benefit our clients.